Alimony/Child Support


Whether you are seeking to obtain or enforce your right to alimony or child support, or if you need to protect your income or reduce your support obligations as much as possible, the attorneys at the Law Office of Blake W. Rush can help. Our attorneys have more than 16 years of experience representing clients on both sides of alimony and child support matters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In a divorce or separation involving children, one parent will commonly be required to pay child support to the other. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have statutory guidelines that establish parents’ minimum child support obligations based upon the children’s needs, the parents’ incomes and a variety of other factors.

Alimony (spousal support) is quite different. Generally speaking, when it comes to alimony, there is more flexibility in terms of the parties’ ability to negotiate or fight for their desired support rights and obligations in court. However, there are limitations here as well, and securing a favorable alimony award requires a thorough understanding of both (i) applicable law, and (ii) how the alimony award will factor into the overall outcome of your divorce.

Alimony in New Jersey or Pennsylvania Divorces

The family law and divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Blake W Rush have substantial experience representing clients in high-asset and high-income divorces in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their experience includes securing substantial alimony awards as well as successfully shielding clients from unwarranted spousal support obligations. In complex divorces, our attorneys focus on negotiating and fighting for favorable alimony awards in the context of all of the other factors (including child support and property distribution) involved in the couple’s separation

Are you willing to give up certain assets in exchange for a larger support award or smaller support obligation? Or, are you adamant about doing whatever it takes to protect your assets, income and lifestyle as much as possible? Your answers to these types of questions will help determine the approach he takes to dealing with alimony in your divorce.