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In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there is no shortage of trucks on the road. The Turnpikes and I-78, I-80 and I-95 are all key trucking routes, and countless 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and tractor trailers traverse our region every hour of every day.

Unfortunately, this high volume of commercial truck traffic also means a heightened risk of serious trucking accidents. While all auto accidents are dangerous, trucking accidents present unique risks that often lead to catastrophic – and sometimes fatal – injuries. At the Law Office of Blake W. Rush, we are passionate about helping victims of truck accidents and their families fight to recover their losses, and we take an individualized approach tailored to each client’s unique personal circumstances.

Types of Trucking Accident Cases We Handle

We represent clients who have suffered serious injuries and lost loved ones in all types of trucking accidents throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Establishing liability after a trucking accident requires a prompt and thorough investigation, and when you contact us about your case we will act quickly to identify all of the parties that may be responsible for your losses. While truck driver error is often a factor, trucking companies, shipping companies, other drivers and a number of other parties may all be to blame as well. For example, the following are all common issues that frequently lead to serious trucking accidents:

  • Truck driver fatigue and falling asleep behind the wheel – While truck drivers certainly must avoid driving when they are too tired to do so, trucking companies can also bear responsibility when they push their drivers to spend too many hours behind the wheel.
  • Overloaded trucks – All large commercial trucks have weight ratings specifying the amount of cargo they can transport safely. Trucking companies and shipping companies that exceed trucks’ weight limits may be responsible if an overloaded truck is unable to stop or turn to avoid an accident.
  • Improperly-loaded and unsecure truck cargo – Trucks with improperly-loaded and unsecure cargo can present serious risks on the road as well. Unbalanced loads can increase the risk of jackknifing, and loose or shifting cargo can easily cause truck drivers to lose control.
  • Truck defects and inadequate truck maintenance – Fault brakes and tires and other defective parts are dangerous on any vehicle, but especially on large commercial trucks. Inadequate maintenance can lead to extreme dangers as well. Brake failures, tire blowouts and other issues are all common factors in major truck accidents.
Keep in mind, these are just examples. With the complexity and sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, there are numerous other issues that can lead to accidents as well. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in any type of trucking accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we encourage you to review our Injury Quick Start Guide and schedule a free consultation so that we can provide a thorough assessment of your legal rights.

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