Blake is thought of by me and his colleagues as being a competent, honest, empathetic and hard working attorney. He is a competent negotiator and trial attorney that works diligently to put forth his client's views to the Court. I have have never heard him speak a word about anyone as he treats all people, clients and adversaries with respect.

Do he and his clients prevail with every point and every case? Of course not but no one will work harder that Blake to get your point across in a manner that the adversaries and Court can understand.

I have worked with Blake on difficult cases and I have never known him, even in private moments to want to give up, speak negatively of his client or end prematurely. He will fight for your position until the papers get signed by the Court. Divorces are emotional and ;difficult and Blake should be the attorney you turn to be your sword and ;shield.

If you want excellent representation then contact Blake; if you want a magician that will get all your desires and every need of yours met then contact the circus.

I fully recommend you to handle your family court matters.

Charles Most

I retained Blake for my divorce proceedings near the end of 2020. From the start, I knew Blake was a great and caring attorney. He dug deep into my case and worked closely with me to understand each and every detail and provided great counsel every step of the way. He laid out the process from the beginning, provided expert advice, and walked me through the process from start to finish so that I was comfortable with every decision. Blake had a terrific understanding of the process and always knew how hard to push expedite the necessary steps- his guidance was invaluable. Thanks to Blake, I was able to reach a fair settlement in a timely fashion- I am pleased to offer my high recommendation for Blake as a divorce attorney- you will be in great hands!

Paul Blackwell

Blake was awesome! My X thought she had a great lawyer and they were asking for a very unreasonable settlement. Blake had them on the ropes throughout the proceedings. Blake was able to provide me with more visitation with my children, disprove all their financial claims and provide me with a VERY fair settlement. Blake knows the law very well and set reasonable expectations. He had my X's attorney on her heels the whole time pointing out their errors and inaccurate claims. I think my X's attorney should actually thank Blake for all of the legal lessons she learned. I am extremely happy with my settlement and would highly recommend Blake as a Divorce attorney.

robert gregory

Blake was amazing during my custody and divorce proceedings. I fought but he fought harder. I can't thank him enough for everything he has done. Every phone call I made he picked up, and if he didn't, Blake returned my call ASAP, and I called a lot. He helped me get what my son and I deserved. I would recommend Blake to anyone who is going through this unfortunate time in their life as I did. He works with you and talks you through everything, and very professional. Thank you Blake!

Caitlyn Sullivan

I have used many divorce attorneys over the past decade, and Blake is hands-down the best by a wide margin. He is thoughtful, meticulous, and tough. No one else was willing to put in the effort required to untangle the complex web of financial sleight-of-hand my ex had spun. Blake was able to quickly cut through the BS and push an advantageous settlement through. He even found several mistakes made by a previous attorney and was able to get them corrected, resulting in significant savings. I cannot recommend Blake enough. When others threw their hands up and pressured me to settle, Blake fought for what was true and fair.

Nate Landerman

We need help with my sons father and moving on to unsupervised visits. Blake was knowledgeable in NJ family law and also in PA. He answered all my questions and was completely honest with his thoughts on varies parts of our case. We are happy with the outcome and we will definitely be reaching back out in the future. Thanks Blake!

Lauren Welcome

I have used Blake for complicated custody cases and he is beyond the best out there! He is knowledgeable, hard working and dedicated to his work. He does what’s right for you and any children that might be involved in your case. If you ever need a lawyer he’s the one to have by your side!

Karissia Fagan

Blake was terrific in representing me through a very difficult situation and divorce. He always answered all my questions and was there to offer the right advice at every turn. I would highly recommend him to anyone divorcing.

Sean B

Blake went above and beyond in every aspect of my divorce. He had the foresight to know the strategies and issues we were going to face and the skill/knowledge to overcome and win in EVERY single battle we had along the way. With lawyers, and most things, you definitely get for what you pay for and Blake would have been a huge value even at double the price.

Bryan Wells

I had a large divorce with a lot of moving parts and a very difficult ex. Every curve ball we were thrown Blake handled it and won. I can not recommend Blake enough, and I have already, there is nowhere else to go.

Shane Deppen