Barbara R.


When you are going through a divorce, many things are uncertain and confusing, and everything you encounter in the undoubtedly painful process can feel new and scary. Mr. Rush not only represented me in court, but also listened to me in private. I was able to express my concerns and worries, which he then addressed and ensured were brought up properly within the court system. Your whole life changes when you get a divorce. To get through that process, you need someone you can trust, who will guide you through the legal process and have your best interests at heart every day, all day. Knowing that I had Mr. Rush on my side of the courtroom made me feel safe. He listened, never rushed me, always wanted to know the whole story, supported me, and helped me stay strong through a great deal. He was like a rock. He also exhibited a consistent and high standard of professionalism and quality work. If you have to go through a divorce, I highly recommend Mr. Blake as your representative.