India C.


I was recommended by my fiancé to Mr. Rush. When I began my journey of a bitter custody battle, I felt overwhelmed, confused, and afraid. After my consultation a lot of those feelings subsided, until I got the court date and saw all the lies being told about me from the father. Mr. Rush assured me that we would be fine and he has dealt with this type of behavior. All I can say is on my court date, Mr. Rush, who was not known in the Essex County Court, but he made and left an impression. The judge even complimented his preparation and his knowledge. Long story short because I can go on for days! Mr. Rush answered all of my concerns, kept me well informed, and most of all cared. I did not feel like just a client and a retainer fee. He worked late and even took time on Sunday, away from his family, to prepare for our court dates. In the end we prevailed! I recommend Mr. Rush to anyone who feels that they have an uphill battle because I can attest that he will, with your honesty, prevail with your case as well!