5 Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

If you’re getting ready to meet with a divorce attorney for the first time to discuss your case, it’s normal to feel nervous and even intimidated; starting the divorce process is a significant step. Don’t worry; the right divorce attorney will be ready to answer all your questions and will carefully help you navigate through the case proceedings.  

Before your consultation, it may help and put your mind at ease to prepare some questions to determine if they are the right attorney for you.    

Five Key Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney Before Hiring Them:

1. What Do You Need to Know About Me?

It can be difficult to know where to begin as you discuss your marriage and your desire for a divorce. Therefore, ask the attorney what information you need to share. Then, the lawyer can guide you through the process of telling your story and identifying the issues you want to address during this first meeting.

2. What Can I Expect the Divorce Process to be Like?

Most people do not think about the divorce process until matters at home become unbearable. Therefore, it is common to have many questions regarding how you obtain a divorce in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Each divorce case is unique. However, there are basic steps involved in all divorce actions. A divorce lawyer can explain each step of the divorce process in terms that are easy for you to understand. Having a general understanding of what to expect when you file for divorce can ease the stress and fear of taking the first steps to end your marriage.

3. How Much Experience Do You Have Handling Divorces? 

This is one of the most important questions you should ask a prospective attorney. Do they specialize in divorce and family law matters, or are they just one part of their practice? How many years have they been handling divorces? Are they a board-certified specialist in divorce?

The lawyer’s experience level is especially critical when your case is more complex, such as those involving child custody disputes, high net worth individuals, or a significant income disparity between the parties. An attorney not well versed in family law may drop the ball negotiating a settlement or, worse yet, in the courtroom. A poor outcome from hiring an inexperienced or inadequate attorney to handle your divorce will often result in long-term, negative consequences for you.

4. Will You Handling my Case Personally or Pass it Off to Someone Else at Your Firm?

You may meet a divorce attorney whose personality and style you really like. You may “click” with this person and look forward to working with them through your divorce proceedings.

So, what happens when you find out that you are actually not going to work directly with this attorney but rather with a junior partner or associate from their firm? This can naturally be frustrating. To avoid this, we recommend simply verifying that the attorney you speak with is the one who will be doing the bulk of the work on your case and that they are the person with whom you will be directly communicating with throughout the process.

5. What Are My Next Steps?

After you discuss the above questions, your last question addresses what to do next. If you are ready to pursue a divorce, the lawyer explains the attorneys’ fees and cost of retaining the law firm.

The attorney may also give you specific instructions regarding what you should do, such as remain in the marital home, gather documents, prepare to move out of the home, etc. The steps will depend on the circumstances of your situation.

If you are not ready to hire a divorce lawyer, the attorney may offer suggestions for how you can protect your rights and your best interests as you consider your next step.

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