5 Tips for Managing Custody Disputes During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly rolling in and plans are being made, but for separated parents with kids, this can be an especially difficult time to navigate. Though this season is meant to be merry and joyful, managing child custody can create disagreements and arguments that you don’t want to hinder your or your children’s holiday enjoyment. 

The team at the Law Office of Blake W. Rush understands how strenuous child custody can be to manage during the holiday season, so we have some tips to keep in mind for this time of year:

1. Don’t wait to make plans.

The holiday season is always busy and stressful, so it can be easy to procrastinate making arrangements if you are worried about planning with your ex-spouse. However, the closer it gets to the holidays, the harder it will be to communicate and get organized with plans that make both parties happy. Be proactive about holiday planning for your kids for the best results.

2. Make sure your legal agreements are clear.

If you have a legal arrangement for child custody on holidays, make sure you fully understand the parameters. If your divorce was recent, feelings may still be raw and overwhelming, so take the time to revisit the legal agreement to ensure it’s going to be followed; this will help lessen the chance of more disputes arising.  

3. Consider travel times.

Depending on how far you and your ex-spouse live from each other, it’s important to always consider potential travel hazards that could interfere with celebrations and quality time. Plan your travel ahead of time and consider traffic and weather delays. Arriving on time helps ensure each parent gets the correct agreed-upon time with their kids. 

4. Communicate about gifts.

When discussing holiday plans, it’s also a good idea to discuss gift-giving. Take a moment to think about how you feel about spending limits, types of gifts that are appropriate, and not repeating presents. This could save you from arguing about gifts your child received in the future and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

5. Speak with your children.

It’s never a bad idea to be open and discuss plans with your child directly. Depending on their age or maturity, they may want to have a say in how they spend their vacation and holidays. At the end of the day, you want your child to be happy, so speak with them about how you and your ex-spouse can make this a great holiday for them. 

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