7 Signs It Might Be Time To Get a Divorce

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Only two people know for certain when your relationship is over: You and your partner. However, it may be easier to see the warning signs of divorce when looking from the outside rather than within. Often, family and friends can see if divorce is imminent before you do. 

If you need some guidance on whether your relationship could be on the verge of breaking, there are some universal signs that can help you with your decision going forward.  

From the expert divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Blake W. Rush, here are some signs that you should get a divorce:

Physical or Emotional Abuse in the Home

Domestic violence takes many forms: Physical, verbal, emotional, and financial. At the end of the day, it’s essential to feel safe and comforted in your marriage, and if you do not feel this way, it may be time to seek help and speak with a divorce attorney*. 


For many, when your spouse is having an affair, that is the end of the marriage right there. Infidelity typically starts when the spouse feels unconfident and unhappy with their marriage. Some couples are able to work through the cheating, with some ending in divorce in the long term, anyways. 

Lack of Trust

Trust is considered one of the most crucial foundations to a happy and successful marriage: You must trust your spouse to be committed, support you, respect you, and make decisions in the best interest of your marriage and family. Once trust has been broken or is waning, it can be difficult to repair, and lead to divorce.

Poor Communication

Like trust, communication is another important pillar to keep a marriage strong. Without proper communication, it is impossible to solve problems, set and work toward goals, and strengthen your relationship. If a partner is unwilling to communicate or improve their skills, you may want to consider the option of divorce. 

Lack of Intimacy 

Being intimate with a partner, physically and emotionally, is an important part of growing and connecting in a relationship and a marriage. When you become emotionally disengaged, you start to lose empathy, care, and concern for your partner’s well-being; this can also affect your physical connection.  

Increased Interest in Activities Away From Home

There is nothing wrong with taking the time to explore and enjoy your hobbies or interests, whether it be on your own or with your partner. However, when a spouse starts to focus more on their interests outside of their marriage, it could be a sign that they are unhappy in the relationship. 

Refusal to Resolve Issues

Every couple experiences disagreements and issues; however, some struggle with these conflicts more than others. Sometimes, couples even turn to counseling for guidance to amicable and effectively work toward conflict resolutions. If either spouse refuses to work through issues at home or with the help of a counselor, it may be time to speak with a family law attorney about beginning the divorce process.  

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*For anonymous, confidential help, 24/7, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or text START to 88788.

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