How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

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If you’re considering filing for divorce, you’re likely concerned about how much this will cost you. The overall cost of a divorce can vary considerably depending on: (a) the number and complexity of disputed issues that exist in your case; and (b) how long it takes for both parties to reach an agreement on all issues. 

For divorcing couples who remain amicable and reach an agreement on all issues early on during the divorce process, the average cost can often range between $5,000-$10,000.  However, the average cost of a divorce with multiple contested issues is often significantly higher, typically ranging between $10,000-$20,000 with that range rising the longer the divorce takes. 

Unfortunately, every divorce will have a different price tag. To answer the question, “How much does a divorce cost?” you need to consider these various factors:

Do you and your spouse get along?

You may be planning on getting a divorce, but that doesn’t need to mean you aren’t on good terms. If you and your spouse can communicate effectively and are open to compromise, your divorce will be much simpler and less costly. In some cases, you and your spouse may be able to resolve your divorce by a settlement agreement, avoiding court dates. Approximately 97% of divorce cases are resolved by way of a settlement instead of proceeding with a trial before a Judge. Consequently, you should remain optimistic that your divorce can ultimately be resolved through a settlement even if you and your spouse are not on good speaking terms.

Do you and your spouse agree on essential matters?

Many matters need to be discussed and agreed upon when it comes to divorce, including child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of property and debts. These disputes and the time it takes to resolve them are the biggest drivers of costs for a divorce. It will take time for your lawyer to collect and organize documents and then negotiate a settlement with your spouse’s attorneys. 

Furthermore, your attorney may need to prepare motions and represent you at hearings, which add to your costs. Divorce cases that cannot be settled and end up requiring a trial before a Judge regarding any contested issues are the most expensive type of divorce due to the extreme amount of time and work involved, with costs greatly exceeding the ranges set forth above.

Do you have many assets to split?

The more assets you and your spouse have accrued throughout your marriage will lengthen the time it takes to finalize your divorce, and therefore the costs will increase. Aside from the division of assets, you’ll also have to discuss paying off debts you owe together, which can also take time to determine. 

What fees are involved in filing for divorce?

Aside from paying your New Jersey divorce attorney, you can expect to pay various fees for the divorce process. Some of the extra costs you can expect to pay include filing fees, mediation costs, paying for experts such as financial analysts and appraisers when necessary, and more.  

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