What Are The Charges and Penalties For Domestic Violence in New Jersey?

Domestic Violence Penalties in New Jersey

Domestic violence is a crime taken very seriously by the criminal justice system in New Jersey. The charges and penalties for domestic violence in New Jersey are varied, serious, and often depend on the severity of the abuse. Understanding the charges and penalties associated with domestic violence is important so you can protect yourself or your loved ones. 

From the domestic violence attorneys at The Law Office of Blake W Rush, here’s what you need to know about the charges and penalties for domestic violence in NJ: 

Domestic Violence Charges in New Jersey 

For an incident to be classified as domestic violence in New Jersey, there must be a relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, such as marriage, common-law marriage, civil union partners, or individuals dating or formerly dating each other. Domestic violence can include any criminal activity that results in physical injury or psychological trauma to another person. 

The most common type of domestic violence charge in New Jersey is assault. Assault can range from simple assault (i.e., intentionally causing bodily harm) to aggravated assault (i.e., causing severe physical harm). Additionally, if a weapon were used during an altercation, the charge would likely be elevated to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Other domestic violence charges may include stalking, false imprisonment, terroristic threats, criminal restraint, harassment, and violation of restraining orders.  

Penalties For Domestic Violence In New Jersey 

The penalties for domestic violence offenses vary depending on the crime’s severity and whether any aggravating circumstances are involved. A judge will consider these factors when determining the length of sentence, such as whether anyone was injured, whether any weapons were used, which type of relationship existed between the parties involved, and whether there had been any prior history of domestic disputes. If convicted of a domestic violence offense in New Jersey, the potential penalties may include fines, jail time or prison sentences, probation or parole terms, court-mandated anger management classes or drug/alcohol treatment programs, and community service hours. 

A conviction for a first-degree crime may result in up to twenty years in prison, while a fourth-degree offense could result in up to eighteen months imprisonment. Depending on the particular case and charges involved, other penalties may also be imposed, such as fines and orders of protection from the court forbidding contact between the defendant and victims. Additionally, those convicted of domestic violence offenses may face significant restrictions on their civil rights, including gun ownership privileges which could prevent them from owning firearms for life.   

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